WiFi Switch Smart Garage Door Opener 2.4GHz eWeLink Remote Controller for Alexa for Echo for Google Home APP Control


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Easily open and close your garage door by converting the existing Wi-Fi network and garage door opener into a single integrated smart device that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere. Integrate to your Home Assistant using the custom AlexxIT integration at https://github.com/AlexxIT/SonoffLAN.

Activate your garage door opener by tapping on the eWeLink App or Home Assistant mobile app, or by issuing a voice command to your for Alexa or for Google Assistant device, using “eWelink” APP to automate. Use geofencing to automatically open your garage by driving near the garage door.

Multi-user access and remote monitoring within eWeLink. You can authorize multiple people to access your garage.

If the guest arrives and you leave, you can open and close the door. If you forget to close the door, you can be notified.

The device requires a 2.4 GHZ WIFI connection and can be installed quickly and easily without the need of a professional. It is compatible with almost all garage door openers.

The best category security encryption; reliable and secure through real-time activity records; each garage door opener has only one controller, you can easily monitor activities.


  • Remote On/Off: Convert an existing WiFi network and garage door opener into an integrated smart device, then simply click on the smartphone to open and close the garage door.
  • Reminder: Have you left the house and forgot to close the garage door Don’t worry, the Smart garage door opener will alert you.
    Notice: The person and time that the garage door is opened or closed in real time. You can also set up a voice announcement.
  • Schedule: You can set a schedule to open and close the garage door. Easily manage garage doors.
  • Voice Control: Perfectly compatible with for Amazon for Alexa / for Echo. The opening and closing of the garage door can be controlled in a number of ways – by simply clicking on the smartphone EweLink garage mobile app or by sending a voice command to your for Alexa.
  • Device Sharing: You can share it with your family or visitors. With the course, you can get access at any time.
  • History: You can check the garage door opening or closing history on the app to ensure the safety of the garage.

APP: Use “eWelink” APP
Use: Amazon for Alexa, Google Assistant
Interface Type: USB Interface
Input: DC 5V 1A
Action: about 3-15mm/0.12-0.59in
Wireless standard: IEEE802.11b / g / n
Wireless type: Only 2.4GHz, does not support 5G
Mobile: “eWelink” for android and IOS
Cable length: about 5m/16.4ft
Material: ABS + PC

Easy to Install:

  1. Power is supplied using the orchestration device.
  2. Connect the red and black wires to the garage door opener: Connect each terminal to the same terminal that is terminated with the wall button wire.
  3. Connect the sensor and install it on the garage door with screws/stickers/brackets.
  4. Control the devices on your smartphone.

Package Included:
1 x WiFi Smart Switch Garage Door Opener
1 x Sets of Mounting Accessories



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