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Extreme WiFi Speed - WiFi6 with Mesh

Extend your coverage to every corner of your house and upgrade to the fastest WiFi available today with WiFi6 on the Xiaomi 1800 Mesh Router.
Full app control, intelligent QoS, and Gigabit Wired connections to create a stable backbone for your smart home.

Pre-Flashed Tasmota In-Wall Switches

Get all the benefits of local control without the hassle of having to flash your switches yourself! These in-wall touch smart switches come
pre-flashed with Tasmota firmware for simple integration into your Home Assistant setup.

Outdoor Security Camera with Pan/Tilt Control

Secure the outside of your home with this waterproof exterior IP Camera with Pan/Tilt control. Store several days of recordings on the optional
MicroSD card and view the camera in real time through the app or directly in your Home Assistant or MotionEye!

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